Pasha Hawaii provides the broadest scope of ocean transportation services between Hawaii and the Mainland with fixed-day sailings for containers, rolling stock and out-of-gauge cargoes. The company operates five vessels in active deployments and keeps one ship in reserve to cover routine vessel maintenance. The below picture illustrates one of our container shipping vessels called the Enterprise, which carries shipping containers to and from the U.S. Mainland and Hawaii. All of Pasha Hawaii’s ships are built in the U.S. by American workers and are proudly operated by American officers and crew. Our vessels are efficiently sized with an experienced crew to allow for faster loading and offloading of our customers shipping containers.

The Enterprise is a C8 class vessel, built in Sparrows Point, MD and Pascagoula, MS and operating in our Hawaii/Mainland trade lane.

Enterprise particulars:

  • Hailing port: New York, NY
  • Capacity: 2,303 TEU
  • Length: 813 feet
  • Beam: 90 feet
  • Draft: 36.5 feet
  • Deadweight: 31,327 metric tons

Pasha Hawaii's Enterprise Vessel ships thousands of containers per month to and from Hawaii