Safety and environmental responsibility are the core of our vessel operations. In 2005, when we introduced the M/V Jean Anne into the Hawaiian market, we capitalized on the most technologically advanced environmental systems available. Since her deployment, we continue to make both internal and external upgrades to enhance efficiency and minimize environmental impact in the communities we serve.

"Our 8% fuel reduction means we can use 1,056 gallons less fuel each day."
–George Pasha, IV, President and CEO

Dramatic fuel savings—plus increased speed and considerable reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of 6% to 8%, or 4 metric tons a day—are achieved with the application of a unique patented fluoropolymer foul release coating. This technology provides excellent resistance to mechanical damage and a shield of protection for the environment.


The Jean Anne is outfitted with a separate fuel processing unit to be able to run her three diesel generators on either marine diesel oil or heavy fuel oil. Not only does this allow the Jean Anne to be more environmentally friendly, but redundancy is added to the fuel system, so when the main fuel processing system is being worked on, the diesel generators can now be supplied with fuel. Advancements also include the installation of slide valves in each of the cylinders of the main engine, which results in cleaner combustion and a reduction in pollutants which deplete the environment's ozone layer. Additionally, the main engine has been retrofitted with the latest technology in computer-controlled systems for lubricating the cylinder linings, which significantly cuts down on the amount of cylinder oil used—a big improvement over older technologies. 

Jean Anne has been recognized consistently with the Environmental Achievement Award issued by the Chamber of Shipping of America.

Pasha Hawaii's new ConRo vessel, the M/V Marjorie C, is also engineered with leading-edge technology to deliver even more fuel consumption efficiencies and a smaller carbon footprint. Together Jean Anne and Marjorie C are the most modern vessels operating in the Hawaii Trade. All construction materials, including coatings, ensure minimal impact to the environment, both in their application and through the service life of the vessel.

The Marjorie C also offers a 350-ton stern ramp and its own independent cranes for containerized cargoes stowed above deck. This built-in feature is designed to facilitate increased productivity when lifting containers on and off the ship at each port of call.