Refrigerated container shipping capabilities to and from Hawaii:
Our next-generation refrigerated containers are designed with the latest technology to ensure optimal energy efficiency, improved cooling capability and high performance—keeping perishable commodities fresh and secure during transport. Pasha Hawaii offers experienced reefer specialists, both on the Mainland and Hawaii.

More Efficient: 

  • Faster and quicker compressor cycling to minimize power consumption.
  • Optimized assembly reduces power consumption, not airflow. 
  • Enhanced blades and newly redesigned evaporator fans and stators for superior energy efficiency.

More Reliable: 

  • Enhanced insulation provides high-level, deep-frozen capacity of any unit in the market. 
  • Better security with improved style of door lock seal and cooling unit bolted into place with a wire-seal to detect unauthorized access.
  • Stronger floors to improve ‘load ability’ and durability.

More Green:

  • Reduces CO2 emissions by greater reduction in power draw. 
  • Conserves fuel to reduce emissions with digital scroll compressor technology.
  • Maximum corrosion protection with aluminized coating. refrigerated shipping

If you have specific questions, please contact our Customer First Agents via the phone numbers or email addresses listed on Pasha Hawaii Container Services Contact Us.

Pasha Hawaii offers 40-foot high-cube refrigerated (reefer) containers to service the needs of our customers shipping to and from Hawaii. The equipment is capable of handling chilled and frozen cargo across the ocean to protect the quality and integrity of the goods. Most Pasha Hawaii reefer containers are dual voltage, thereby saving the cost of separate, dual-voltage transformers mounted at the shipper’s facility.

For details on our container equipment, please visit Pasha Hawaii Container Equipment Overview.