Oversize cargo is defined as an individual cargo item that has a measurement greater than any one of the following: 21'8" in length OR 8'-0" in width OR 7'-0" in height.

A variety of shipping options and pricing is available to meet your oversize cargo needs. Examples of cargo we regularly transport includes:

Construction Equipment
Front End Loaders, Construction Trailers, Cranes, Backhoes, Bulldozers, Boom Lifts, Road Graders, Rock Crushers, Cement Mixers, Dump Trucks, Modular Buildings, Lumber.

Special Purpose Rolling Stock
A wide variety of special purpose vehicles (both new and used) including: Transit Buses, School and Tour Buses, Fire Trucks, Service Vans, Shuttle Buses, Street Sweepers, Ambulances, and Refuse Trucks.

BreakBulk and Static Cargo
Telephone Poles, Components for Infrastructure Projects | Turbine Generators, Diesel Generators, Nacelles and other Windmill Generation Components.

Call our Toll-Free Pasha Hawaii Sales number at (866) 393-9831 for more information on how to arrange drop-off at one of our conveniently located terminals. Boats must be transported on a trailer to facilitate the loading, stowage and unloading process.

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