M/V Jean Anne

M/V Marjorie C

Cars ready to ship to Hawaii.

Experts in container shipping.

Motorcycles ready to board.

Chinook capable - military cargo always welcome.

Trans-Pacific Racing Yachts trust Pasha Hawaii.

Oversize cargo has designated space.

Hawaii Storage - from vehicles to construction equipment. Indoor and outdoor storage available.

Port of San Diego.

Aloha and welcome to Pasha Hawaii. We offer specialized vehicle, container and oversize cargo ocean transport as a world leader in integrated transportation and logistics services. Shipping a full range of cargo types between the Mainland and Hawaii has never been so quick, easy and trouble free.

Nov. 11: The Pasha Group announces agreement to acquire Horizon's Hawaii business. Read more 

 In Memory of George W. Pasha, III
Chairman of The Pasha Group
1934 – 2014

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