Preparing Your Vehicle for Shipment

To ensure safe transportation and handling, your vehicle must be drivable, free from leaking fluids and in clean condition.

Picking Up Your Vehicle at Destination

Once the ship has departed the origin port, an Arrival Notice will be sent to the Consignee's Email Address.

For information about what is needed to pick up your vehicle, please see our Drop-off and Pick-up Checklist. If you are not contacted by a representative by the first day of availability as posted on the terminal schedule, please contact us via email at or telephone at (866) 363-7485.

We urge you to pick up your automobile promptly to avoid payment of storage charges. A storage fee (at all ports) of $25 per day will be assessed for vehicles left beyond the complimentary free time, and any storage charges must be paid in full in order to pick up your vehicle.

Appointments Required

Depending on your location, we work with outside facilities in addition to our own terminals to receive or deliver your vehicles. Please note that due to the requirement for an appointment at these facilities, if you arrive without an appointment, you may be assessed a convenience fee of $150. Without having an appointment, the facility may not be ready to handle your vehicle and may turn you away.