File your claim

Please use the link above to access the Pasha online claims filing application. It would be helpful to gather your related material before accessing this site in order to expedite the process.

You will be asked to enter the basic claim details and then be given the opportunity to upload related supporting documentation.

Suggested Material for Filing
The material below will be useful for filling out the claim form and for uploading in support of your claim:

  • Copy of the Pasha Hawaii booking sheet and/or Bill of Lading
  • Proof of title/ownership of shipment
  • Copy of the origin inspection form when transferred to Pasha custody
  • Signed copy of the shipment delivery inspection form when delivered from Pasha custody
  • Copies of any brokerage / forwarder agreement (front and back) if one was used
  • Clear color pictures of the damaged items and areas claimed
  • If claiming for damages, 2-3 detail estimates of repair for the damage areas claimed
  • Invoices – Completed repairs or self-repaired for damaged shipments or commercial invoices for total loss claims
  • For disposed product, a certificate of destruction or signed notice by a corporate officer stating the manner and details of the product destruction/disposal.
  • For salvaged shipments, receipts or statements of net salvage value
  • Any other documentation which will assist in evaluating your claim

If you have any questions or need further guidance, please contact the following:

            Pasha Hawaii Oversize Cargo Claims            
            590 Double Eagle Court            
            Reno, NV  89521-4197             
            Phone: (775) 335-0942