Pasha's container shipping and vehicle shipping routes between Mainland US and Hawaii
Pasha Hawaii provides the broadest scope of ocean-transportation services between the U.S. Mainland and Hawaii with fixed-day sailings for containers, rolling stock and out-of-gauge cargoes. The company operates all six vessels in active deployments and operates an exclusive terminal facility on Honolulu’s Sand Island. The company continues to invest in the Hawaii market with the acquisition of Horizon Lines’ Hawaii business and the construction of the 692-foot Marjorie C, deployed in May 2015. The Marjorie C is a combination container/roll-on/roll-off (ConRo) vessel that has a 350 metric-ton ramp and can transport up to 1,200 vehicles. The image above illustrates our container shipping routes, as well as our vehicle shipping routes between the U.S. Mainland and Hawaii. 

For details on our container shipping services, please visit our Container Shipping Overview.

Pasha Hawaii will ship your personal car, truck, SUV, van, ATV, golf cart, motorcycle, or minivan safely and securely via our fully enclosed roll-on/roll-off service. For details on our vehicle shipping roll-on/roll-off services, please visit our Ship a Car Overview.  

For details on our motorcycle-shipping services, please visit our Ship a Motorcycle Overview

For details on our oversize-cargo shipping services, please visit our Oversize Cargo Shipping Overview