We take every precaution to ensure each vehicle we transport is handled with care. In the unlikely event your vehicle is damaged during the shipment process and Pasha Hawaii is responsible for that damage, our liability is limited to the cost of repairs for damage actually sustained to your vehicle, not to exceed the market value of your vehicle and, in no event, more than $3,000. This liability limit can be increased through the purchase of Shipper’s Interest insurance, being offered by our Customer Care Representatives, up to the declared value of your vehicle, based upon clean retail value price per NADA value, or alternatively up to the valuation provided by an authorized vehicle appraiser of your choosing.  Such appraiser will be certified by the Independent Auto Appraisers Certification Program (IACP) and be registered with the Bureau of Certified Auto Appraisers. Please check with your personal insurance carrier to determine the extent of your current coverage relating to marine transportation.

Vehicle Inspection

Pasha Hawaii inspects your vehicle and prepares a survey report when you deliver your vehicle to our port facility. This survey is performed for the benefit of Pasha Hawaii and the vehicle owner to document the condition of the vehicle upon receipt at the port. Pre- existing damage will be noted and verified by you or your designated agent. Vehicles are designed for road use and may acquire small chips, scratches, scuffs, dents, abrasions or similar marks. Pasha Hawaii Holdings LLC as a carrier does not accept liability for minor damage of this or similar nature which is considered to be normal wear and tear. Inspection of the vehicle prior to shipment represents the vehicle’s general overall condition and excludes normal wear and tear damage.

Batteries may become discharged during our possession and Pasha Hawaii cannot be responsible for replacing dead batteries. Note: Pasha Hawaii does not inspect the interior or the general mechanical condition of the vehicle and as such cannot be responsible for interior damages or mechanical failures. All vehicles, unless identified to us at booking as inoperable, are required to be in a drivable condition.

You will be asked to inspect your vehicle at the destination port to ensure your vehicle is delivered to you in the same condition. Should you note any exceptions, please document it and notify your Pasha Hawaii representative prior to leaving the port facility. To file a claim navigate to

Cancellation Policy

We understand circumstances may arise which may change your travel plans. For this reason, Pasha Hawaii will always allow an existing reservation to be rolled to a future voyage without penalty. 

If for some reason you wish to cancel your entire reservation with Pasha Hawaii, a $75 processing fee will be deducted prior to your refund.

Filing a Claim for Loss or Damage

In the unlikely event your vehicle sustains damage while in our care, we will act promptly to settle your claim within the limits of our contractual liability.

To expedite the processing of your claim, we will require you complete and sign an inspection form at the time you receive your vehicle at destination. Any loss/damage not noted at that time will not be considered.

Once you have gathered the relevant documents to support your claim, please access our online facility to File a Claim.