What are the size restrictions for shipping my vehicle?
The maximum dimensions of a passenger-type vehicle (sedans, SUVs, passenger vans, station wagons) are 21'8"L x 8'W x 7'H. The maximum dimensions for motorcycles must be no more than 96” in length, with a maximum tire width of 8”. Vehicles with greater dimensions will be quoted on an individual basis. For regular passenger vehicles with dimensions greater than the above or that have been modified, please call our Customer Support team at 866-363-8485. For over dimension vehicles such as limousines, RVs, etc., please contact our Oversize Cargo department at 866-393-9831.
How long will it take for my vehicle to arrive in Hawaii?
Once vessel has departed, normal transit times between San Diego and our Hawaiian ports are: Honolulu, served weekly - 5 transit days, Kahului and Hilo, served bi-weekly - approximately 6-7 days. For transit times between any part of the Mainland US and Hawaii, you can view Transit Times for your specific route.
Will my vehicle be exposed to the ocean water while in transit?
No. Your vehicle will be stowed in an all-enclosed deck that is not exposed to ocean water or spray during the entire voyage to our ports of call.
How can I get my vehicle to an island other than Maui, Hawaii or Oahu?
Pasha Hawaii will arrange for the transshipment of your vehicles from Honolulu to the islands of Kauai, Molokai and Lanai. One of our Customer Support agents will facilitate arrangements on your behalf with a third-party vendor.
What forms of payment are accepted?
We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, and electronic transfer. Payment must be made in full at time of booking.
How can I book my shipment?
For your convenience, you can book your shipment securely online anytime. If you would prefer to set up your shipment with a Customer Support agent, please call (866) 363-7485.
Can I ship a car from Hawaii to the Mainland US with Pasha Hawaii?
Yes, Pasha Hawaii can ship a car from Hawaii to the Mainland US (Eastbound) as well as ship a car from anywhere in the Mainland US to the Hawaiian Islands (Westbound). For your convenience, you can bobook your shipment securely online anytime. Please click the 'Ship A Car' button on the right side of the page to get a free, instant quote. If you would prefer to set your shipment up with a Customer Support agent, please call (866) 363-7485.
What condition can my vehicle be in when I ship it?
Vehicles must be drivable, free of leaking fluids and in a clean condition to allow for an accurate inspection at the origin port. We recommend vehicles be serviced prior to shipping to ensure mechanical and safety problems are corrected. Pasha Hawaii will provide a copy of the inspection report to the customer.
Can I ship personal items inside my vehicle?
All personal items must be removed from the vehicle prior to shipping. Pasha Hawaii will not accept a vehicle containing any personal items in the storage compartments of the vehicle. Motorcycles cannot be covered in any manner. If your vehicle is crated, please contact our Oversize Cargo Department at 866-393-9831. For information on preparing your vehicle for shipment, please use our checklist [link to checklist online].
Can I ship a car round trip with Pasha Hawaii?
Yes, Pasha Hawaii can ship a car from anywhere in the Mainland US to Hawaii and back from Hawaii to the Mainland US. If you would like to discuss this round-trip service with a shipping coordinator, please call (866) 363-7485.
What documents are required for non-highway vehicles, such as golf carts, quads, dirt bikes, etc.?
The following documents are required:
  • Copy of Booking Confirmation
  • Set of keys to ignition and every locked compartment
  • Title or a Bill of Sale or a document validating Proof of Ownership
  • Lien holder letter of authorization (from Hawaii to U.S.)
  • Picture ID
What if I cannot pick up my vehicle immediately? Do you offer storage?
Yes, we do offer short-term storage. The allowable free time at each port may differ slightly. Storage charges and any transportation charges to transport your vehicle to a storage facility will have to be paid prior to releasing your vehicle to you. Storage is charged at $25 per day for any day over the free time.
Can I ship my pickup truck and camper trailer as one unit?
It would depend on the overall length, width and height of the combined truck/trailer unit. If you provide us with those measurements, we will be able to provide you with a definite answer.
I have a specialty car and don't want anyone else to drive it. Can I drive it onto the ship myself?
We are not able to have anyone other than Pasha Hawaii personnel or agents load and unload vehicles due to liability issues. You can be assured that we will take every precaution to handle your vehicle properly and safely.
Will my vehicle be subject to customs or Department of Agriculture inspection?
There are no Customs inspections for vehicles transported between states. In Hawaii, U.S. Department of Agriculture will inspect all vehicles to ensure unauthorized plants and animals are not entering or leaving the state.
What if my vehicle doesn't arrive on the date you promised?
Unfortunately, for our standard service we cannot offer any guarantees on arrival dates. After the vehicle has been loaded, and the vessel has departed, we will send you an arrival notice advising you of the day our ship is due in to the destination port and when your vehicle is expected to be available for pickup. We do not provide rental car reimbursement. For our Guaranteed Select Service, we guarantee that your vehicle will be loaded onboard the vessel for which you are booked. With either service, we cannot guarantee arrivals due to weather or circumstances beyond our control.
What is Pasha Hawaii's liability for my vehicle?
For details about the limits of our liability, please see our Terms & Conditions.
What if I wanted Pasha Hawaii to be liable for all damage that might occur to my vehicle during shipment?
For details about increasing the limits of our liability, please see our Terms & Conditions.
How will my vehicle be loaded and secured on the ship?
Your vehicle will be driven on and off the ship by our qualified staff. Your vehicle will be secured to the deck utilizing lashing devices that have been specifically designed and tested for this specific application.
What is the latest I can drop off my vehicle prior to sailing?
The cutoff dates for dropping vehicles off at our terminals will vary depending on the terminal location. You can view the cutoff dates on our Terminal Schedule.
I don't know how to disconnect my vehicle alarm system. Will Pasha Hawaii do it for me?
Pasha Hawaii cannot accept responsibility for disconnecting your alarm system. If an alarm is activated during a voyage, it may cause a drain in your battery and your battery may need to be charged at the destination port.
Does Pasha Hawaii offer any discounts?
Pasha Hawaii is pleased to offer active Military Service Members a $100 discount on the shipping of their personally owned vehicle.
Is an appointment required for pick-up and drop-off of my vehicle?
Depending on your location, we work with outside facilities in addition to our own terminals to receive or deliver your vehicles. Please note that due to the requirement for an appointment at these facilities, if you arrive without an appointment, you may be assessed a convenience fee of $150. Without having an appointment, the facility may not be ready to handle your vehicle and may turn you away.