From time to time, we receive customer plaudits about our service.  We thought you'd like to find out what they are saying about Pasha Hawaii.

Thank you PASHA Hawai`i for the excellent service!! From the beginning (booking, drop off, scheduling) until the end (pick-up) customer service was spot on and everything went smoothly!!
-Pua Soong

Bike arrived in perfect shape, and the check out went smooth. I left on a 1000 mile trip the following day. Everyone at Pasha is easy to work with!!
-Bill H

I would like to take some time to recognize Claudia Burke. Claudia was very helpful in assisting me with the transition of my vehicle from San Diego to Hawaii. Claudia made sure I knew the process of the shipment of my vehicle from start to finish, and I greatly appreciate her for that. Claudia, I personally would like to thank you once again for all of your assistance; you are great at what you do and because of you, Pasha Hawaii has gained a loyal customer!!
-S. E. Van Dyke

My car is about to be shipped from Hilo to my new home in Nebraska. That tells you that I am in the middle of a move right now, and am…well, a shell of a human being. But I’m scraping together my remaining bone marrow to tell you that I wouldn’t be up and functioning…without Tawnya. She is the most capable, pleasant, responsive, kind, intelligent, resourceful, dependable, wonderful representative of Pasha and your services imaginable. She’s ‘old school’ in the very best sense of that phrase. And she is pretty much the best CSR I have ever experienced anywhere...And I thank God for putting her in my path. Please know what a difference she has made in my life.
-Michael R.

I wanted you to know that you have a very valuable asset in your organization...and her name is Natalie! I spoke with Natalie this morning, and she was so friendly, professional, organized, expedient, kind and brilliant. I was in a very stressful situation as we just relocated my 76-year-old mother-in-law to a remote area of Hawaii, and she didn't have a car. We bought her enough food and water for 3 weeks, and she would have been without transportation to go the store and buy food and water. I had missed the deadline to get the car to Hayward and Natalie jumped onto the phone and made magic happen! Next thing you know she had orchestrated the ability for me to drop the car off at ABC as long as I got it there by 1pm (which I did -- 12:03pm to be exact!). She got all of the information she needed (VIN, payment, etc.) and completed the paperwork/booking process within minutes! I had an email in my Inbox with all of the relevant information, and I was good to go! I'm a sales operations executive at a high-tech company and I'm always asking my team to provide a world-class customer experience, and Natalie is a prime example. I would HIGHLY recommend your company and service to anyone looking for transportation options. Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful experience!

I have had a 100% positive experience with Pasha. All my questions prior to shipping were answered right away, and always in a helpful, positive manner. Dropping off the car in San Diego was a snap and when I picked up my car here in Maui, it was flawless. It was clean and there wasn't a mark on it. It took all of five minutes to complete the paperwork and I was driving my car again.
-Cathleen M.

Excellent customer service, was very anxious about shipping my car to San Diego but Lorellei was very patient and answered all my questions. Very easy booking process, I was able to have my car picked up from my residence and stored for a few days until the next ship was scheduled to leave. When I picked up my car in San Diego, it was clean and exactly the way it was when it was picked up in Hawaii. They even washed my car for me upon pick up, how great is that? Have nothing but great things to say about Pasha, would definitely use this company in the future!!!
-Wilma M.

I picked the Ferrari up this morning in Honolulu and can’t thank you enough for all of your help. All of the staff in both San Diego and Honolulu were extremely friendly and helpful. Two of the workers here in Honolulu were excited to tell me about how the Ferrari was shipped on a skid and no one drove it. It was parked near the warehouse under cover and in the same condition as when I left it in San Diego. When I get home this evening I will leave a 5 star Yelp review for PASHA. Again, thank you for assisting me in this shipment and going the extra mile to make me feel at ease and getting the car to Honolulu in safely.
-Brian Bonifant

You guys did a wonderful job of getting my car to my daughter in Maui, HI. You kept my daughter and me informed throughout the process and we knew exactly when the car left Charleston, SC, when it got loaded on the boat in San Diego to when it arrived in Maui. It is fantastic to say you delivered on exactly what you said you would, and in my opinion, did an absolutely fantastic job. I will surely recommend Pasha Hawaii to anyone shipping anything to Maui in the future, and will use your service when my daughter returns from Maui to the mainland. Thank you once again for the great service.
-Jerry Friedberg

I contracted with Pasha to move my pickup from San Diego to Hilo. I would like to acknowledge your personnel and their high standards of professionalism. After much review, I selected Pasha due to your long-standing reputation and the fact that your vessel is an enclosed roll-on, roll-off ship. If all your front line employees operate with the high standards shown to me, you have done your job well as a company.
-James Oliver

I wanted to send a note of thanks for all of the special handling and care given to my ’68 Mustang on her voyage from California.  Your staff at the dock were great.  I understand that the Mustang was nearly the last car off of the vessel – and they brought her straight in to where I was waiting along with my dad (who got me hooked on Mustangs when I was a child) and my 26 year old son – who stopped by the dock while he was making a delivery at Hawaii Tug & Barge. She’s gorgeous and perfect.  The special care and consideration that I felt from each of the Pasha staff really helped me to know that she was being well cared for during the transport.  Knowing that each of you treated her as a special classic was very reassuring.  Thank you – and know that I have already recommend your company to an acquaintance who needs to ship a car in the coming months.
-Denise Fleming

I conduct a lot of long-distance business from Hawaii and rarely encounter such competent representatives. I have never taken the time to write a letter like this, so I must have been impressed! It's nice to do business with friendly, caring people who bring credit to the principals of your name.
-James Hawkinson

Your communication and processing of all the paperwork was flawless, while completing the entire door to door transaction of picking up my Ducati motorcycle in Missouri to arrival in Hilo. Your time and follow through was greatly appreciated in making this a seamless process.
-Bill Prince, Prince Pacific Construction

Just completed 191W for my truck and small motorcycle, best service to the islands!

I loved being able to make my reservation and appointments online. You made shipping a vehicle the least stressful part of leaving Hawaii. Thanks again!

I used Pasha Hawaii to move my car, both to Hawaii and then back to the mainland. My cars arrived without a hitch both ways. I'd recommend them again. Price and service was very good. If your car(s) are in good condition, it makes sense to ship them to Hawaii.
Jeff Feyerisen with Allied Machinery Corp. comments, "In using other venues, my machines were completely weathered by the salt and sea air. It is important that the equipment shipped to us be protected, or it is profusely damaged. Since using Pasha, I have been amazed. I never realized the difference. Now my equipment arrives with no necessary clean-up. I made the right choice in choosing Pasha!"
I want to thank you for the very pleasant experience that my father and I had with Pasha. Everything went smoothly and we would certainly recommend Pasha to anyone who has the need to transport an auto to or from Hawaii.
-LK - Davis, California
My name is Stephen and I recently used Pasha to ship my vehicle to the Big Island Hawaii. Originally, I was going to use Matson until I made contact with Connie Christian. Over a period of two months, prior to deciding to use Pasha, I plagued Connie with a lot of phone calls and questions. Connie was so professional and yet personal enough to make me feel comfortable and safe, that I decided to use Pasha. My vehicle was shipped from San Diego to Hilo. It arrived on time and there wasn't a scratch on it. That in itself was a nice, but it was Connie who gave me sense of security and confidence throughout the whole process. Please pass this along to her as a serious compliment from a very happy and satisfied customer.
Thanks for the speedy response. My experience with Pasha has been one of the smoothest business transactions that I have ever experienced, rest assured that if I should hear of anyone wanting to ship a vehicle, I will tell them about Pasha. You guys rule... keep the competition on their toes.. they are now following YOUR lead. Thanks again.
Very happy Pasha came to town. People are very accommodating. Appreciate the flexibility provided east bound. Prices are very competitive.
Very satisfied, impressed, cars were clean (no salt, dirt), no damage, was notified in advance of the arrival of vehicles.
Thank you and all involved in the process of having my "Baby" sent to the mainland. She is now in Kahului awaiting departure and every one of the contacts from Pasha has been very gracious and helpful... At your convenience could you email me your phone contact as I am arriving in Sacramento the night of June 1 and will be calling to set up an appointment for my Baby's pickup... Again Thank you to one and all
Couldn't be happier, quick and friendly service!
Excellent, car arrived in great shape!
Superb from A to Z, people were pleasant to work with, quick and sweet price. Perfect!