MV Janet Marie, the Newest Addition to Pasha Hawai‘i’s Container Ship Fleet, Makes Her Inaugural Arrival at Honolulu Harbor’s Pier 51

Thursday, August 3, 2023

Arrival marks the company’s second container ship to operate on natural gas; Pasha Hawaii donates $25,000 to non-profit Kupu in honor of Janet Marie Pasha

One year after making history by introducing Hawai‘i’s first container ship to operate on natural gas, Pasha Hawai‘i has added a second natural gas-powered container ship to its fleet. MV Janet Marie made her inaugural arrival at Honolulu Harbor’s Pier 51, completing the construction and delivery of the company’s second of two ‘Ohana Class vessels.

MV Janet Marie will serve the Hawai‘i/Mainland trade lane, joining the company’s first ‘Ohana Class vessel, MV George III, which began service on August 17, 2022.

Operating on Liquefied Natural Gas (“LNG”) from day one, these new 774-foot Jones Act container ships surpass the International Maritime Organization (IMO) 2030 emission standards for ocean vessels, representing the most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly vessels to serve Hawaii. Energy efficiencies are also achieved with a state-of-the-art engine, an optimized hull form, and an underwater propulsion system with a high-efficiency rudder and propeller.

George III and Janet Marie are named in honor of George Pasha, III and Janet Marie Pasha, the late parents of Pasha Hawaii’s President and CEO George Pasha, IV.

A Hawaiian blessing, followed by a gathering of Pasha team members along with State and community supporters at Pier 51, celebrated the arrival of Janet Marie to her home port. Like George III, the $225-plus million Janet Marie began her maiden voyage from the Port of Long Beach, California on July 29, 2023. For the Pasha family, the arrival of both George III and Janet Marie represent three generations of service to Hawaii.

In honor of Janet Marie’s arrival, George Pasha, IV presented non-profit Kupu with a $25,000 donation. Employees from Pasha Hawaii and its sister company, Hawaii Stevedores, Inc., also partnered with Kupu team members to help restore Puʻuloa (Pearl Harbor) by clearing invasive mangrove and preparing planting areas.

Kupu is Hawai‘iʻs largest youth-focused conservation organization, dedicated to empowering Hawai‘iʻs youth to serve their communities through character-building, service-learning and environmental stewardship opportunities. Founded in 2007, Kupu’s youth-focused programs have trained and employed over 5,200 youth and young adults, while contributing over $176 million in positive socio-economic impact to Hawai‘i.

“Like my dad, my mom had tremendous aloha for the people of Hawaii,” said George Pasha, IV, President and CEO, Pasha Hawaii. “She was also very passionate about the health and well-being of our youth. Kupu’s mission and its accomplishments align perfectly with what my mom would have wanted to support. We are very grateful for the partnership we’ve developed with Kupu and look forward to exploring additional ways we can support their efforts.”

“We are very grateful to Pasha for choosing to partner with Kupu to commemorate the blessing of the MV Janet Marie. Pasha Hawaii and Hawaii Stevedores employees also generously shared of their time at our service day with Mālama Pu’uloa,” said Kupu CEO John Leong. “We appreciate Pasha’s heart for the ‘āina and our young people.”